I’m currently living in a tiny house.

The entire contents of my life, including 25 years of accumulated stuff from the same house, were downsized to:

  • A piano and 5 plastic storage boxes – now in storage
  • Whatever I could fit in my car as I drove to the hottie’s place, to stay for a few initial months

Selling my old house meant that the kids moved out, so they got pretty much everything – furniture, kitchen contents, fridge and washing machine. Including all of my fancy glassware. We are building a new house, and at some stage I’ll retrieve some nice glasses, particularly the ones my mum had had.

But in the meantime, in the tiny we only have 2 plastic wine glasses and tumblers and plastic plates.

We’ve gone rural, so we only go grocery shopping once a week. No more casual strolls around the corner to pick up an exotic fruit garnish from the grocer.

So the mocktail-making had slowed a little, as the house was priority. But I’m in the mood for making some mocktails now, so it’s time to bring out the plastic glasses, grab some mint leaves from the garden, pump the soda stream, and let the party begin!