I found out about Sans Drinks via an article in either SMH or Guardian – about the new popularity of non-alcoholic drinks.
So the major newspapers are finally waking up.

But I’m happy. SansDrinks have a huge range of all of my favourite mixers, non-alcoholic wines and non-alcoholic spirits, all in one place. So I can place a single order and have it arrive in one hit. It’s a lot better than my experience in ordering direct from Lyres, where it took weeks to arrive. Yes, I’m in a small country town, but seriously, it’s only 20mins to Byron Bay. Australia Post comes past every day – and once I build a bigger letter box I’m sure they’ll leave more than just a delivery note. /endrant.

It’s an easy shopping experience. They have a HUGE range of wines, bubbles and spirits. So it’s a great way to broaden your horizons by ordering a bundle pack.

Despite never liking beer, I’m really tempted to order some of the Sobah range – it’s pretty hard to go past the idea of a Davidson Plum Gluten-Free Ale – and the customer reviews are positive. One for my next order….

Yes, I’m an affiliate, and if the moon and tides are in alignment I may even get a commission 🙂