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My latest experiments…

Blackberry Honey Mint Mocktail

Ooh yeah. A little fussy, but great great flavour. There is a lot of honey in this one, but blends nicely with the lemon and blackberries. Worth it.

Watermelon lime mocktail

This is the best watermelon mocktail of all. Beautifully balanced with lime and agave syrup. Forget the rest.

Ginger Rhubarb Fizz

Found a fantastic ginger-rhubarb syrup yesterday. With soda water, this makes for a fantastic pre-dinner drink, or a cooler for long hot summer afternoons.

Kamikaze Mocktail

This is the more traditional kamikaze mocktail – orange juice, lime juice and a dash of bitters.

Kamikaze Shot

Omg. This packs a punch. V Energy drink + lemon juice + lime juice. Kapow!


Fun, fruity mocktail garnishes…

Celery garnish

A trimmed piece of celery, liberally sprinkled with salt, as a garnish for vegetable mocktails.

Vegetable garnish

A stick of celery, cucumber and lime, for vegetable-flavoured mocktails.

Cucumber garnish

A simple lengthwise slice of cucumber – preferably the smaller Lebanese cucumbers.


What’s new in the world of mocktails.

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