Juicy Mocktails

Your favourite mocktails, with fruit juices as the core ingredient. Surely that means they’re healthy?

Watermelon lime mocktail

This is the best watermelon mocktail of all. Beautifully balanced with lime and agave syrup. Forget the rest.

Kamikaze Mocktail

This is the more traditional kamikaze mocktail – orange juice, lime juice and a dash of bitters.

Kamikaze Shot

Omg. This packs a punch. V Energy drink + lemon juice + lime juice. Kapow!

Cranberry lime rickey

Lots of lovely tart lime, with cranberry juice and grenadine for extra colour and flavour. This disappears quickly!


A pretty name for a pretty drink. Traditionally orange juice and champagne, this was replaced with my favourite de-alcoholised sparkling cuvee.

Rosemary grapefruit mocktail

This could be a new favourite. It’s simple, tops up well, and looks incredibly elegant.  And the fizz transforms it from a basic fruit juice into an exciting taste sensation.

Mint Julep

Two versions: the basic mint/lemon/sugar; and the ginger ale version.

Lime Rickey

Pure and simple, with lovely muddled wedges of lime at the base. A classic.

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