Found a fantastic ginger-rhubarb syrup yesterday. With soda water, this makes for a fantastic pre-dinner drink, or a cooler for long hot summer afternoons.


  • Ginger-rhubarb syrup
  • Still or sparkling water
  • Garnish – rhubarb stick, mint or strawberries

The official instructions at say to use 1 part syrup to 5-6 parts water. Either still or sparkling.


  • Pour syrup into base of glass – either a tumbler or tall glass
  • Fill glass with still or sparkling water
  • Add ice and garnish

I’m in heaven. Both my local Woolworths, and the fancy natural health store at Crows Nest are now stocking some awesome fruit syrups from New Zealand. This is a whole new ball game. We’ve gone light years past the unnatural green, red and orange sugar cordials of our youth, to combinations made from real fruit, that can save you hours of preparation.

Combined with my Soda Stream to always have fizzy water, this is a fantastic pre-dinner drink. It could be the alternative to gin and tonic I was looking for.

I did have intentions of making this look prettier with ice cubes and mint or lime, but with Sydney forecast for 42 degrees today, I couldn’t wait. These guys used mint and strawberries to decorate

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