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I woke up one day and learnt I had breast cancer.

A week later the fantastic surgeon had cut it out and the nurses were telling me how to keep it at bay for the next 40 years – the usual things like regular exercise, healthy eating ….. and preferably only 2 glasses of wine per week.

Eek! I really liked my evening routine – open the windows, turn on MTV, sing and dance and cook dinner with a glass of wine in my hand. And maybe another with dinner. No more. Or at least not every day.

So I decided to become the mistress of mocktails – a delicious adventure in non-alcoholic pre- and post- dinner drinks with style.

While you’re here, you might like to bookmark a few sites for the future:

Breast Cancer Network Australia
Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation

What’s Next?

I have a huge backlog of mocktails I want to try. There are also lots of my first mocktails I want to revisit and update the photos. It’s hard when you’re thirsty not to rush in and drink without first grabbing my trusty phone for a photo. I’ve gone from propping up a piece of white paper against the salt shakers, to a fancy $2 piece of shiny white cardboard as a backdrop.

If you’ve got a nice photo and recipe of a mocktail you’d like to share, I’m happy to post it.


PS. As an Aussie, our lemonade is fizzy – what Americans call Sprite/7-up. And our soda water is called club soda in the US.

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