Watermelon, crushed ice, apple juice and lemonade. This redefines cool.


  • 5 bite-sized pieces of watermelon
  • 60ml apple juice
  • 90ml lemonade
  • crushed ice


  • Blend watermelon and half a cup crushed ice until smooth
  • Pour into highball glass and top up with the apple juice and lemonade

My poor blender didn’t cope with watermelon and huge cubes of ice, so I took to the ice with my trusty hammer. In a plastic bag. Then blended the watermelon and ice again, lightly.

This one really benefits from the lemonade. So if your tall glass is looking a little empty, feel free to top it up with more lemonade.

Any drink with ice still in it, works for me in summer. This really is refreshing. Enjoy!

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