Cranberry and citrus are fantastic together. There’s always a supply of cranberry, cranberry-raspberry or pink grapefuit juice in my cupboard.


  • 125 ml cranberry juice
  • 125 ml orange juice
  • soda water
  • ice


  • Half fill a tall glass with ice
  • Add cranberry and orange juice and stir
  • Fill to top with soda water
  • Garnish with twist of orange peel

So we start with the ingredients. Yes, there was a deviation. The kids had drunk all of the regular cranberry juice, so I had to use raspberry-cranberry juice (which is actually my favourite). And you can see that I had also got into the orange juice..

I love these tall glasses. Can’t remember where they came from, but they do have nice lines.

125ml is a fair amount of juice – I used a measuring cup rather than the standard “jigger”.

It was over 2/3 full, but still room for the soda water. Fizzed up some cold water in my soda stream, and poured her in.

This is a refreshing drink – lovely with the ice cubes and cold juices and fizz.

It’s also refreshingly unsweet – there’s no added sugar. It makes you realise just how much sugar we usually have, when you have a drink without it. You just feel healthy drinking it.

I left the orange garnish on the rim while drinking it, which gives a lovely extra orange sensation.

The soda water makes you realise that you’re not just drinking fruit juice – it really is a lovely mocktail. Enjoy!