A Delicious Bunch – a delightful book about growing edible flowers. Can’t wait to have violas to decorate my drinks.

I’ve been spending many hours researching native bush plants for a future move to the country

One of my biggest weaknesses in making mocktails is in how I present them – the garnishes, and how to make them look more appealing.

The nature of the internet is that you follow links. So while reading about a local nursery at http://www.edenatbyron.com.au/a-delicious-bunch/ it was a pleasure to learn about A Delicious Bunch – a book about edible flowers and how to grow and prepare them.

I’ve been trying to become paper-free, and contacted her immediately to see if the book could be purchased as an ebook, but sadly it’s still just hard copy. I will be getting it – either as a treat, or if I’m lucky as a Mother’s Day present…

I’ve been dreaming for so long about  freezing violas into ice cubes to decorate chilled drinks, and growing roses to decorate cakes. But this one is definitely on my to-do list – Lemon Myrtle panna cotta with crystallised Native Violets.

Can’t wait.